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Mark LaBounty is a gifted massage therapist.  I leave his office freed up from pain and with a deep feeling of well being. Mark's skill draws from extensive and ongoing training, vast knowledge of how the body works, and powerful intuition.  He works with, not on, his clients.  He asks questions, listens well, and shares what he knows so I can participate in the healing. The work is never about him and his success, but about what I need to learn to heal.   When he thought another approach might help, he worked with me to figure out the next step.
        I am grateful to Mark for his great skill and generous spirit.  He is totally committed to increasing wellness in the world.  I have learned a lot from him and look forward to continuing to work with him for healing and enlightenment.

Nina Church
It is with pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Mark LaBounty, certified massage therapist. I am a physician as well as an individual who has experienced musculoskeletal pain related to cervical spine disease. Prior therapies for my pain have included standard medications, epidural steroid injections and physical therapy without much improvement. I underwent surgery for degenerative disc disease in my neck in May, 2001. I had improved somewhat after surgery but continued to experience significant daily discomfort in my neck and shoulders as well as jaw pain.
In January, 2002, I consulted with Mark LaBounty about massage interventions that might be helpful. I found Mark to be an extremely insightful and motivated provider of care. I was impressed not only by his extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system but also by his willingness to listen carefully to symptoms and ask very pertinent questions to help determine the most effective treatment options for my pain. Over a six week period I saw Mark for neuromuscular therapy including different massage techniques which were extremely helpful. We also discussed a program for me including a foam roller and exercise ball which have been extremely helpful in allowing me to have some control over my chronic symptoms. I have noted a significant improvement in my pain symptoms and perhaps more importantly gained valuable insight into my own symptoms and how to deal with them.
I feel Mark Labounty would be an excellent massage therapist for treating individuals with acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Leslie S. Abramson, M.D.
A few years ago I injured my right shoulder in a skiing mishap.  After a month or two of it not getting any better I went to my GP who suspected
"frozen shoulder" and ordered physical therapy.  I received no relief from that so I was referred to a specialist who ordered x-rays and an MRI and confirmed the frozen shoulder diagnosis. On second visit to the specialist I was given a shot of cortisone but noticed no benefit from that either.
Eventually I was referred to Mark LaBounty. During my first session I felt that I was finally on the road to recovery.  Soon I had regained almost full range of motion and was finally able to sleep on my injured side and I have had no symptoms since.
Peter Geise
A bad fall at the end of last year's ski season left me with a painful arm and shoulder injury , which also limited my day-to-day function. I consulted with my primary care, a physical therapist and an orthopedic surgeon, and underwent an MRI. It was contemplated that surgery may be necessary, although that wasn't even a sure fix to the problem. My husband had excellent results from Mark LaBounty's treatment of his frozen shoulder injury and I decided to try the same. I was amazed at the results I received! After only a handful of treatments, the pain was nearly gone and my range of motion and function was substantial, if not entirely, restored. Mark's skills, knowledge and experience are extensive and impressive. His approach to healing is holistic, integrated and very effective. I cannot recommend Mark strongly enough!
Nancy Geise
In September of 2004 I was involved in a motorcycle accident whereupon I had broken my collarbone in two places.  It was quite an ordeal for me in that the first surgeon that I spoken with did not want to operate.  He had stated that it would eventually heal on its own.  After six weeks, I had gone for a second opinion.  The second surgeon had opted to perform the surgery whereupon he had found that no healing had taken place.  Because I was in such a compromised state for such a long period of time my muscles had begun to restructure themselves in a very deformed manner.  My shoulder was coming down and in.  Although the second surgeon had done a wonderful job repairing my collarbone but my muscles were still significantly deformed.  After three months of physical therapy and a lot of discouragement I felt that the use of my arm would be limited for the rest of my life.

I had heard about Mark through a friend of mine.  I felt that nothing else was working so I would give massage therapy a shot.  During my initial
visit Mark took great care in listing to what my concerns were.  Surprisingly he also took pictures and measurements evaluating my current range of motion.  He worked with me several times stretching the fibers of the muscles in a way that I felt was almost bizarre but understandable. Quickly, I began to regain my range of motion.  For me this was a miraculous.  I didn't believe that it could be done.  By the time Mark had completed therapy with me, I had regained 80 to 90% of my range of motion.

The atmosphere which Mark created for my therapy was wonderful.  It was almost entrancing.  I suppose that it could've been very painful, but his consistent gentle touch and ease of suggestion allowed the rehabilitation process to be very comfortable.

I will be forever grateful for what Mark has done for me and I can recommend his services without hesitation.
Very truly, Wanda Wilson
I want to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Mark F. La Bounty who I have known for the past eleven years as a massage therapist and friend. His work is extremely professional as well as his devotion to his clients. I have had many pain problems over the years with lower back, knees and hands. He has worked on me for these conditions and I have always felt much better after his treatment. There have been times that I have been almost unable to walk because of lower back pain and after a session with Mark I have literally been able to get off of the table and walk. IF that is not a miracle , I do not know what could possibly be? I have had him come to the house as well as gone to his place of business and both experiences are always terrific. His client room is exceptional in comfort, quality, cleanliness, and overall ambiance. There is absolutely nothing that he has not thought about.
I have recently moved away from Stowe , Vermont to northern California and I am really going miss the services of Mark LaBounty. I hope that I will be able to find someone who is as professional, able, sensitive, dedicated and friendly as Mark.
I would highly recommend without reservation his character and ability.
Richard A. Pugliese
As a Chiropractor, Mark LaBounty has treated my patients & myself with orthopedic massage therapy; they and I have had exceptional results. Mark can effectively treat muscle spasms, myofascial trigger points, chronic muscle tension and biomechanical muscle imbalance. I hold Mark in the greatest regard as a massage therapist and recognize him as one of the most passionate, educated and effective massage therapist in his field. Our area is losing a great asset, while the New Hampshire Seacoast area is gaining a great asset and a caring, competent provider of care. I predict that Marks new practice will be very successful.
Paul Winters, D.C.
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